Meet The Team

In the Summer of 2014, A Facebook Page called Football New Arena (FNA) was created by a group of passionate Football friends to discuss and share ideas on tactics, match previews and reviews as well as pour out frustrations among our individual clubs.

Fast forward to one year later and the blog Football News Arena was created with a mission to have their voice heard globally whilst building a brand that will provide football fans the latest news and gossip from reliable sources around the world.

Editor: Chuck, 35 – Due to several heartbreaks/disappointments from his former club, Chuck insists that he is now a passionate “Football fan” that follows every club yet supports NONE. He is one of the regular and unbiased contributors that made Football News Arena what it is today.

Editor: Koko, 33 – A proud Liverpool fan that believes the Reds are the biggest team in the World. Koko is one of the regular contributors that made Football News Arena what it is today.

Editor: Debo, 34 – A  life-long Arsenal and Barcelona fan and one of the regular contributors on Football News Arena.

Editor: Nuel, 29 –  He has been writing for many top blogs since 2004 and is a regular contributor on Football News Arena. He is a hard-core Jose Mourinho fan but insists his heart will always be for Chelsea. He also analyses football in general giving his days as a football reporter.

Writer: Kevin, 31 Die-hard Manchester United fan. Joined Football News Arena a year after it was created and has since been contributing his views on the site on a regular basis.

Other Regular Contributors: