Global Star Insists Man United Would OFFER Him STUNNING 5 Year Deal!

Sprinting icon Usain Bolt insists that he is serious about wanting a trial with Manchester United. The World’s fastest man believes Manchester United would be impressed by his ability if they allow him on trial.

The Jamaican sprinter has often claimed he could make it as a professional footballer and once again has spoken about his prowess on the pitch which he feels would land him a five years deal with the Red Devils.

The six times Olympic Gold medallist and world record holder in the 100 and 200 Metres told MUTV: In my mind I should do a trial and see if they would say alright, come on in or if they would say no you are not good enough.

Bolt thinks he has the qualities required to be a footballer, he is undoubtedly quick, he feels he can control the ball and he understands all of the play.

It was during the London Olympics games that Bolt first made his intentions known, when he told the media that he want to play for Manchester United, he said ‘’if  Sir Alex Ferguson called me up and said ok let’s do this, come and have a trial, it would be impossible for me to say no.

Three years after he made his first intention, the world’s fastest man is still nursing his ambition of featuring for the Red Devils if given the chance by Louis Van Gaal

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