BAD Manager? ANOTHER Star REVEALS Poor Relationship With Mourinho

Former Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has spoken about his relationship with his former boss Jose Mourinho.

Casillas didn’t hesitate to speak when asked about his relationship with Mourinho when they were both at the Bernabeu, claiming that he lost the loving feeling for Mourinho towards the end of the Portuguese stay.

Speaking at an event at Cuatro, where several ex teammates of the goal keeper were present, Casillas confirmed that the pair were like a quarreling couple and the tension between the pair was so intense:

“It was like being in a couple. The relationship went downhill, we did not have the same chemistry we had at the start,” he explained.

He also revealed he spoke to Barcelona players in the national team about his issues:

“I didn’t speak with them to lose face, we told each other everything.”

Casillas claims that even through his problems with Mourinho, he remained focus on the team.

“I looked out for the club and I kept my mouth shut. I looked the other way,” he said.

“I shouldn’t have to tell the club what they should do.”

Casillas left Madrid last season after over a decade at the Spanish club, the Spaniard moved to Porto.

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