SHOCK Revelation! Chelsea Players Would Rather LOSE Than Win For Mourinho #MouOut

Jose Mourinho’s relationship with his players have hit a new low after it was claimed that the Portuguese have fallen out with one of his players to the extent that they don’t want to win for the Portuguese anymore.

Garry Richardson claims, the Portuguese is up against a big fight to control the dressing room after his source from the club told him that the Portuguese have a poor relationship with some of his players. Richardson told sportsweek.

‘Let me tell you what I know on the Chelsea story. My information comes from a Chelsea first team player,’ he told Sportsweek.

‘The information was actually passed to me by a football contact. I was told that Jose Mourinho’s relationship with many of his players is at rock bottom.

‘I was told they’re fed up with the way he’s been dealing with some of them. They’re fed up with his outbursts. I was told that his relationship with Eden Hazard was under immense strain.

‘Here’s a staggering quote. One player said recently: “I’d rather lose than win for him”.’

And Richardson added: ‘Now that comment may well have been said in the heat of the moment,’.

‘But it perhaps gives an insight into the mood of some of the players.’

Mourinho left Real Madrid to Join Chelsea in 2013 and it was reported that the Portuguese had problems with some of his player at Madrid.

The 52 year old tactician ought to have learnt his lessons from what happened between him and Casillas at Madrid but it seems the Portuguese is getting it all wrong again.

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