BAD NEWS: Key Chelsea Man Suffers Yet ANOTHER Blow

Furious Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho admits he is shocked he hasn’t been electronically tagged as he branded the FA fine and one match ban a ‘disgrace’,

The Portuguese whose side are struggling and are at the bottom half of the table is angry that the Football Association fined him £50,000 and handed him a suspended one-game Stadium ban for criticizing referees.

Mourinho who claimed referees where ‘afraid’ to give his club penalties called the FA’s decision “an absolute disgrace” and “astonishing”. The Portuguese made reference to Arsene Wenger’s post match conference after Chelsea defeated Arsenal at Stamford Bridge claiming Mike Dean was “weak” and “naive”. The blues boss said:

“I am happy I don’t have an electronic tag,” said Mourinho.

“It’s not far from that.

“Also, £50,000, in the world where we live today, is an absolute disgrace. And the possibility of getting a stadium ban is something absolutely astonishing.

“More difficult for me to understand is when I compare different people with similar behaviours. The difference between “afraid” and “weak and naive”, is £50,000 and a one-match stadium ban.”

Wenger also escaped any punishment for shoving Mourinho in the technical area at Stamford Bridge last season and the Portuguese, refusing to let that one go, ranted further.

“Now, we know we can push people in the technical area, no problem,” he said.

“The word “afraid” is a hard punishment. But to say one of the top referees in Europe was “weak and naive”, we can do that.

“The only good thing from this is that every manager now knows that “afraid” costs £50,000. Weak and naive, you can use. A word is more important than aggression. That’s the only reason I can still walk in London without an electronic tag.”

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