Chelsea Among London Duo To Benefit FA As Much As £55M

The English FA are set to land a large sum of money from both Chelsea and Tottenham and could get as much as £55m if both London rivals agree to share Wembley ground.

Chelsea are said to not be willing to share the stadium with Tottenham and have made an £11m pound offer to the FA to allow them use the stadium on a temporary basis while their famous Stamford Bridge is being developed.

Earlier, the Guardian reported that the FA have permitted Chelsea and Tottenham to share Wembley while their ground is being developed which prompted the FA’s chief executive Martin Glenn to claim that he would support team using Wembley for club matches, he said;

“I won’t comment on clubs but if that’s an opportunity then we will follow it,” Glenn said.

“We are there to provide help. We can run the FA for less cost and we can raise more. There’s a range of things. It’s primarily a football stadium, football matches are more profitable to run than concerts and other things.

“We are the national stadium and seeking to use it more is what we are all about. We have an obligation to football. I’m not talking specific clubs but it’s in our interest as an association for clubs to redevelop their grounds, make superb facilities and if it’s possible to help them in that transition by using Wembley, we are absolutely supportive of that.”

Chelsea are looking to develop their current stadium to a 60,000 capacity which would cost the Blues about £500m and would require to use Wembley for at least 2 years while Tottenham is looking to build a new stadium.

Chelsea were once linked to Twickenham stadium and are now favourites to land Wembley as their ground if both clubs refuse to share the 90,000 capacity stadium together. Tottenham are considering using the Olympic stadium or MK don’s stadium should they lose out in the bid to use Wembley as its home ground while its new stadium is being built.

Negotiations are continuing as the two London clubs look for temporary homes.

It was reported that Wembley has a restricted number of games that it can host in a year but Martin Glenn has come out to say that there are no restrictions as to how the stadium should be used as long as the capacity does not exceed 50,000

Both London clubs would be required to cough out £11m per season if they are to use Wembley as their temporary ground when Stamford Bridge and White Hart Lane are being redeveloped.

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