MASSIVE: OH NO!!! Klopp Is Getting This All Wrong

New boss Jurgen Klopp has insisted he is happy with Liverpool’s present squad and he is not looking on bolstering the team with Exceptional signings in the winter transfer window.

‘I’m not a dreamer, I don’t want to have Cristiano [Ronaldo] or Lionel [Messi]. I wanted these guys.’

‘It is a great feeling for me, a great honour and one of the best moments in my life. It feels like a dream.’  

‘I came here with Dortmund one year ago and for me it was historical. I have been some places in the world with football but this is the most special place.’

‘It’s only this game because of the fans, that’s what I know, think and feel. We have to entertain them, we have to make their life better. Football is not so important, we don’t save lives. We’re not doctors. It’s our job that they can forget their problems for 90 minutes and then they can talk about the game.’ 

‘Everything is good. In this moment, we are not the best team in the world. Who cares? We want to be the best team in the world in the next day.’

‘Nobody will sell a player I want to work with. Nobody will do a transfer without my “yes”.’

‘At the moment, the LFC family is too nervous, too pessimistic, too much in doubt. They all celebrate the game but they don’t believe in this moment. History is great but it’s only to remember.’

‘This is one of the big problems you have here at Liverpool. Five, six, seven clubs can be the champion but only one can be the champion, the rest are disappointed.’

‘We start to play very emotional football, that is important at Anfield. You could have the best atmosphere in the world, then you play like this. It doesn’t work.’

‘Does anyone in this room think that I can do wonders? I’m a normal guy from the Black Forest. My mother is very proud. I am the normal one. Everyone told me about the British press so it is up to you to show me they’re all liars.’

‘I woke up this morning and I was manager of Liverpool FC. I am really a normal football manager, I want to work with the players. This is absolutely crazy what has happened.’

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