Arsenal Handed Major Injury Blow As Welbeck Is Ruled Out For Four Months

Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck is ruled out until January with yet another setback. [Picture: GettyImages]

Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck is ruled out until January with yet another setback. [Picture: GettyImages]

Arsenal announced a few days ago that Welbeck will be out for a “Period of months” after undergoing surgery to the knee he injured back in April, against Chelsea in the 0-0 away draw.

He had been expected to recover as early as the end of last season, but he suffered a “setback” – a word which brings Wilshere to mind, and missed the FA Cup final and the entire pre-season.

But Wenger seemed so confident that he would return, that he decided not to buy a striker during the transfer window.

We can recall the boss saying Welbeck would return after the international break during his pre-match report before our game against Liverpool. He clearly had him in his plans when Giroud and Walcott weren’t doing well.

One can’t blame the manager much though, given that Welbeck has what is missing in the other two strikers – he has the pace Giroud lacks, and the physicality Walcott lacks. His finishing which to be fair isn’t that poor is something that can be sorted out with proper training, after all Daniel Sturridge wasn’t always the best finisher till he moved to Liverpool.

But all that would have to wait at least till December, with reports saying he would be out for four months.

According to, it had been hoped he would avoid surgery, but after increasing his training workload, the injury didn’t respond well, prompting a specialist to recommend surgery.

One begins to reason that Arsenal would have been better of if they had just taken the option of the surgery much earlier, at least we’d have been preparing to welcome him back now when he is most desperately needed.

This also brings up the issues of what link Arsenal has to career damaging injuries.

Arsene Wenger said he didn’t expect it to get to this extent, that it was just a bruise on the bone, we all expected he’d be out for a few weeks, 5 months later, we hear he has 3 weeks to go, now he has another 4 months to go.

The last time we had this sequence, it was a certain Jack Wilshere, before him it was Tomas Rosicky and their careers never remained the same; we hope Danny Welbeck doesn’t follow that path.

Finally since we are resigned to losing the man Wenger placed his hopes on until January, we now have to pray that Theo Walcott steps up and show what potentials he claims to have through the middle.

I say Theo because really, between him and Giroud, he has the higher chance of becoming top quality; we also have a certain Joel Campbell waiting for his chance. On current looks, it’s going to be a very long season for Arsenal; we hope the strikers make it a nice one for the club and every Arsenal fan.

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